Errery - Limited Edition CD (Pre-order)

from Verz Imprint

Professional duplicated CD in card sleeve. Edition of 100.

This is a pre-order. Your CD will ship a few days before the album's release date, 28th June. You will also receive a download code.

Improvisors Joe Wright (sax/feedback) and James L. Malone (guitar) release their first album as Onin, on verz imprint. Expect creeping timbral explorations with clunking tones, rumbles of feedback, squeak, skronk and wail.

Listen to the first track, 'Dark Star', here:


James L. Malone – Guitar
Joe Wright – Saxophone & Dynamic Feedback

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Ed Pettersen
Design & Photographs by Phil Maguire

shipping out on or around June 28, 2017

  £5 GBP



Verz Imprint London, UK

Quiet music imprint, concert series, and radio show. Run by Phil Maguire.

VI004: Onin - Errery (28/6)
VI005: Ben Zucker - o ur gab (TBC)

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